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Monday, May 08, 2017

France Votes

Victory Cigar?

The future, the Project History, the making of our lives... it is not disposable, not a throw away. The European Union was founded by people who survived World War II and who had the concerns of the common men and women in their minds.

World peace requires a globalism which eschews elitism, which is a form of globalization we have not yet seen since the early EU.

A World joined in common amity is not a painting by a pseudo-Magritte:  La vraie democratie n'est pas un cigare jetable... true democracy is not a throw-away cigar.

Disposable Smokes

Les cigares jetables de 400 souffles...
myriad de bars à cigare,
couleurs illimitées,
verts, grises, rouges,
pour que vous choisissiez...

Choisissez s'il vous plaît;
O, que vous choisissiez!
avant la fin du monde,
avant fin de la vie,
avant que la prière d'enfer...

soit tou'c'qui reste...

note:  Red Auerbach, the coach of the Boston Celtics in the years I loved basketball, celebrated a victory by smoking a victory cigar.

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