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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Free Will?

There is a notion that free will does not exist, and this notion is based on the latest science on cognition which shows that action precedes reflection. (see Bargh and Mosella, 2008)

If this be true, then beyond the chance to give "free will" a good hazing and thrashing, it directly implies that Habit is of supreme importance, and, thereby, so is Virtue, for Virtue must be taught and become habitual if there is no free will, otherwise all is chaos and play for the forces of evil.

Thus, whether or not Free Will exists is neither here nor there. It is a philosophical problem for armchair philosophers, and the conclusions have the potential to be endlessly varied. If there is no Free Will, there is still Virtue; there is the habitual practice of virtue, so that our autonomic response may be virtuous.
It does not matter whether there is free will, for we yet can choose to practice virtue or practice villainy. If free will disappears, choice still remains, and the choice may be virtue over evil even if not "freely" chosen.

Free Will does not matter; only Goodness and Virtue matter in the fight against Chaos.

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