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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Showdown at the Royal Oak Street Art Fair

Guns at a Local Summer Street Art Fair

I guess I may as well get a gun. I shall be Doc Holliday. I'll get my friends to be the Earp brothers, and some artsy types for the Clantons.  Last year some local Michigan gun nuts sued the city of Royal Oak, because they were forbidden from bringing their guns and weapons to the Annual Royal Oak Art Fair!
Then the City Council gave in to the gun nuts. Then the County Executive said the City Council took leave of their senses...
In all fairness, the Royal Oak Annual Summer Street Art Fair is a tough proposition. Every now and then, a morality and temperance movement sort of surfaces, and the "good folks" try to run some goody-two-shoes for mayor with the intention of cleaning up the art fair, mimes and all.

All I know is that my life at an Art Fair this summer might not be worth one plugged nickel.

If I am somewhere on the dusty streets of Royal Oak, minding my own business, and walking down to the Silver Dollar Saloon, and suddenly somewhere something starts to go down, and I make a move to hitch up my constantly sagging trousers, that motion may be interpreted as a move to get a concealed weapon, and someone may very well shoot me right through the monoprint.

I am going to start going through gun catalogues today.
Some Tighty Righties say that the crime rate has fallen after the Stand Your Ground laws, but the correlation has not been demonstrated, since crime rates have risen and fallen before such laws existed.

All I know is that I had better not see any of the Clanton Gang at the Art Fair!


E.P. Rush said...

"Tighty Righties?" Ohgawd I love that. The visual in my brain is hilarious. Thanks for the image.

Montag said...

You are welcome, Hat.

There is something about modern day Republicans that reminds me of wedgies....

Baysage said...

Do you think the NRA's ultimate goal is complete freedom for anyone to carry arms anywhere in the country at any time they please? I'm beginning to think so.

Montag said...

That appears to be the goal. The goal of having a basis for a well-regulated militia is laughable, especially since the NRA does not wish any regulation.