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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Hamza Kashgari May Be Released

From Saudi Jeans:
Hamza Kashgari,  the detained Saudi writer accused of blasphemy, will be freed in the next few weeks after a court in Riyadh accepted his repentance, multiple sources said.
Human rights activist Souad al-Shammary tweeted that a Sharia court in the capital has ratified his repentance in the presence of his family, and that he showed his regret over what he has written about the Prophet.
and from Souad Ash-Shammary, a human rights activist:

الحمدلله تم التصديق شرعا ع إعلان توبة كاشغري ف محكمةالرياض بحضورأقاربه وأبدى ندمه ع ماكتبه لا عزاء لمصاصي الدماء من طالبوا برقبته يحيا العدل
7 Mar 12

It is good news, but we should keep our eye on it, and the role of Interpol in Mr. Kashgari's apprehension in Malaysia should be looked into.

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