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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Media Lynching... and Media Rape

At the end of my time in Florida, Rush Limbaugh noticed his name was similar to "Limbo", the dance, and decided to answer the question "How low can you go?"

Having inveighed about the "media lynching" of Hermann Cain and Clarence Thomas, he decided the phenomenon of "media" + "some sort of crime"  was the smart way to do things: gone were the days of doing stupid things like transporting drugs on his person for an unnamed "friend"... especially through airports.

He came up with "Media Rape" and gave it a whirl.

It was incredibly vile and low, particularly the very strange bit about making porn tapes so that the taxpayers could watch their tax dollars at work: a misrepresentation that suddenly descended into the twisted psyche of Rush as he struggled to give words to his thoughts.
That particular bit gave me way too much information about Mr. Limbaugh; more than I ever wanted to know, and I feel dirty just writing about it.

The Republican candidates either called Mr. Limbaugh an entertainer - the smart way to go - and thereby distanced themselves from his shenanigans, indicating that since no one had asked them to predict the Academy Award winners, no one should expect them to critique other entertainment;
or they did the Mitt Romney side-step:
 Romney said he wouldn't have used the language Limbaugh chose, but he refrained from directly criticizing him. (AP)
Thus, Romney indicates he agrees with the malignant intention, just not the words. Of course, not for one second do I believe Mitt Romney agrees with the intention, but he is apparently too stupid to realize what he is saying. He is not a man to have with you in a crisis. If you have all the time in the world and can make up scads of spread-sheets, Mitt's the go-to guy; but when the chips are down, it appears that he will always screw up.
That's too bad.



Baysage said...

Limbaugh is being deserted wholesale by both sponsors and stations. Maybe, it is devoutly to be hoped, he will be done.

Montag said...
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Montag said...

His response was a disastrous attempt at character assassination.

When the discourse comes to scurrilous attacks against our young people, it is time to rid ourselves of such monstrous excrescences.