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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Future Flash Crash Note # 2

Referring to "Future Flash Crash" and "Future Flash Crash Note" posted today, I think the point I missed was that we have an economic system of Boom or Bust.
It is pretty obvious and just about everyone knows it. When we are in the Boom phase and cycling upwards, every one is happy and every one is on cable touting stocks to buy. When we cycle into the Bust phase, Suze Orman is on cable telling us to cut up our credit cards and Congress is trying to cut our health care. It varies in some details, but it is pretty much the same schtick each time: Boom or Bust.

We have entire university departments devoted to the science of Boom or Bust. Most of the anti-green movement is devoted to Boom or Bust, sensing in their deep, overlayered ganglia that somehow the Greens want to do away with the Bust phase, probably by moderating the Boom phase, and that smells of the Latakia tobacco smoked by Socialism!

Boom or Bust: learn to love it.

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