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Monday, August 20, 2012

Akin is too Legit to Quit

Troy Akin, the Tea Party Republican that is running for the Senate in Missouri:
Akin, who is known for his staunch pro-life beliefs, stated that pregnancy is rare from "legitimate rape" because the woman's body has ways to "shut the whole thing down." Not surprisingly those remarks went viral
 What does Mr. Akin mean by "legitimate"?
Surely he does not mean that such a rape is endorsed by the law.

So what does he mean? Does he mean "real" rape, differentiating it from "imaginary rape"?  I do not think pregnancies stem from :imaginary rapes", either.
So if pregnancy does not result from "real" rape, nor from "imaginary rape", we do not really have a problem.


Ruth said...

Oh lord. "Legitimate rape"? Wow.

Montag said...

He used the "word" legitimate wrongly, but his science is something else...

Mr. Akin is on the House Science Subcommittee, and following a pattern which first emerged under Bush 2, Science has been afflicted by Republican hacks who are totally at odds with anything resembling modern science.