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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Genesis of Narrative

People often speak of the difference between Narrative and Reality; mostly, other peoples' political beliefs are a "narrative", whereas our own politics are reality-based.

Certainly most religious dogmatic belief systems are narrative, which is to say there is no method to test them as a reality. If there were such a testing, there is always the possibility a religious belief may be found to be false, and that is quite impossible to people who invest heavily in "belief systems".
That is pretty much the meaning of "supernatural"; i.e., not subject to the laws of Nature.

Narratives are based on the Dream process. The Dream is the paradigm of taking seemingly random inputs and weaving a whole. Any entity which dreams will tell stories: histories, annals, fibs, lies, prevarications, fishermen stories, and tall tales...

An election year is usually a good time to observe the conflict of Narratives.

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