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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Paradox of Technology and Attitudes

All the benefits of Science and Technology result in nothing if the attitudes of their societies lead to a Politics of Obscurantism.

The Conservatism of our present time is Simplification, just as the Liberalism has become a Complexity which becomes a moral maze wherein people say repeat "I don't know, I don't know" forever.
At the same time, the Simplification of Conservatism makes the hills low and the valleys high, and gives us a moral plateau of indifference. The indifference stems from the fact that we have separated ourselves from the moral quest, and relied upon the past-as-remembered by authority.

What is Simplification?
An example of gross Simplification in thinking is shown in a situation where - confronted with a moral dilemma - someone asks "WWJD?", or "What would Jesus do?"

An example of the opposite method of thinking, which I call "Fractal" - meaning that it tries to deal with the full complexity of a situation as opposed to simplifying it, would in this example consist of asking the question "What would Jesus do?", then doing likewise, then attempting to re-cast one's entire life according to such moral principles, and finally to live one's life as a moral entity rather than a plaything of Matter & Desire.

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