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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan: Devil in the Details

 Paul  R.                                           Joe G.

Mr. Ryan accused Mr. Obama of making cuts to Medicare... which cuts are also in Mr. Ryan's proposed budget.
He distorted the story about who was responsible for the Standard and Poor's downgrade...
I have written about that downgrade in my "Post" about those times, and I have written about the Republican responsibility for it.

These are the morals of a Ayn Rand Hero who makes his own morality! The Big Lie as the Truth!

He reminds me of Joseph Goebbels.


Ruth said...

For me, what is most chilling about these untruths is that the perpetrators probably do not believe them. They simply know there is a large audience of "believers" who will buy the lies as truth, because they want to believe them, or at least act on them. They would have to change too much if they really sought and supported the truth.

I am most heartily sorry that Mr. Romney seems to have been well received last night. A great many more people will be fooled.

Montag said...

I have no problems with Mr. Romney; it is the entire rest of the Republican team that scares the heck out of me.

Mr. Romney would be fine if no other Republicans were elected to anything.

I may not agree with him, but he does not always agree with himself, either.