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Friday, August 03, 2012

Phonics Lesson

My mother was watching TV news roulette yesterday, so I took my tea and wandered about the yard for a while. Then I went back into the kitchen, and she came in wondering where I had been. I said that I don't like listening to Cable News. She nodded as if she had actually heard me, went to the sink to start preparing my father's lunch, and launched into an analysis of the Chick-Fil-A affair.
I had read about it last week. I was not terribly interested.

I did learn that it is pronounced like "Chick Filet" or "Chick  Feel  Ay"!

All this time.... about 5 days, I have been pronouncing it "Chick Fill Uh" with an equal stress on each syllable. Of course, I only pronounced it when I was reading and sounding out the words; it sounded rather like a Neanderthal picnic.
And I have been thinking that that was the stupidest name for a restaurant I ever heard of: chick-fill-uh.... could not quite wrap my mouth around it. I mean, it was as if someone who wanted to name a chicken restaurant had been following me with a notebook, and listening to how I order food in eateries:  "Uh, chicken, uh, like enough ta fill me up, uh..." and so on.
"Let's go get some lunch at the Chick Fill Uh..."
It just did not sound all that inviting.

Chick Feel Ayyy  (pronounce  "ayy" like The Fonz would) makes all the difference.

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Baysage said...

Don't worry about it. I walked around for years, literally, thinking the name of the place was Chick-a-fill.