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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Antibiotic Resistant Denialists

Pig Farm With Manure Ponds

The FDA wants to force companies that use triclosan in hand soaps to prove their case that their products safely kill germs and do not cause the proliferation of anti-biotic resistant bacteria.

Meanwhile, Big Agriculture forces antibiotics down the throats of pigs and chickens on a massive scale, keeps the animals sequestered together until it is slaughtering time, and spreads their manure as fertilizer over neighboring farmlands.

Well, do you get more problems from a bunch of individuals washing their hands a couple times a day, or do you get more trouble from a immense hot house breeding ground of antibiotic use?

Let's appoint a commission, then argue about the science, possibly getting up an "Antibiotic Resistance Denial" faction in the "conservative" minds of the country.


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