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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Perfectly Said

Remember the film Privilege?
Was it not a fascist dream-forecast?
Heroes and heroines are created from their  arduous efforts and their relationship with other people. Anything that seeks to create heroic-celebrity for some commercial purpose creates mock heroes and heroines.

Any Narrative that emulates a long-term epic story must have a foundation and goal greater than greed and acquisitiveness.
Otherwise, it does a Lindsey Lohan, a Brittany, a Michael Richards...
Money is not the proper pedestal for culture heroic figures.

Mother Jones
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Dream Project: Toppling the "Fascist Cult of Celebrity"
"With this show, I'm not gonna look down on people and declare them the audience and say that I'm the performer."

... The show also serves as Gordon-Levitt's respite from the Hollywood hype machine. He's been stalked and hounded about homosexuality rumors, and has called celeb-tabloid culture "evil and poisonous." He's slammed various news channels as being infected with the strain of show biz, equating them to "some bullshit entertainment show." Now he's hoping to leverage what he once called the "fascist cult of celebrity" to his advantage...


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