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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cow Dynasty

Daily Yonder
Reality TV Seeks "Uninhibited" Cowboys
Reality television continues to push its way into rural America like urban sprawl.

A television production company has put out a casting call for “authentic and colorful cowboys and their families” to appear in a “docu-reality” television program.

The announcement apparently went to the Montana Cattleman’s Association in early November. A more recent notice of the announcement appears here, in the AgricultureProud blog.

Orion Entertainment says it’s looking for a family with at least three kids “that are all great looking cowboys and cowgirls” who work in “stunning ranches with diverse terrain and challenges.” Those challenges might include “chasing grizzlies and wolves away from cattle.”

Finding handsome rancher families may not be too difficult, but other requirements may be harder to meet. Cast members will need to be versatile and perform more than just chores.

“Members of the family and staff should have fun hobbies and skills like [the ability to sing], play the guitar or harmonica, write and recite poetry, cook the best BBQ in the county, make their own clothes, raise bees or have wild animals as pets, raise bulls, or be an aspiring bull rider or rodeo participant.”

Multi-generational families, feel free to apply. "Grandparents are a plus," the announcement says...


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