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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Windows 8 Laptography

Getting Along In Windows 8

I am actually getting along with Windows 8. That's why The Beagle Boys have taken over from Goofy in the photo. Our plans of world domination are getting back on track.

By learning key stroke controls and using speech recognition and the quirky touchpad on my HP machine, I am getting in control.
I may spring for an optical mouse for less than $20.

My HomeGroup is established, and I am working on a plan for archiving past, present, and future which will probably include a Terabyte external HD for backups and long-term storage.

At this moment, I am working on my old machine. When I am done writing this, I will bring the new one in an try an take a photo with it web cam. Then I will transfer it via the HomeGroup Network to this machine, and you can see the Rube Goldberg set-up I've had since Christmas:
Old Reliable - a Lenovo - whose display hinges gave out, so I used small C-clamps to apply enough pressure for them to hold the screen up again. My wife over-tightened one of these, causing the screen to crack , and I had to connect it to an old HPw2007 monitor witha VGA cable just to see things.
The laptop battery is totally toast and only works with a direct supply of electricity, and the monitor has an iffy power connection which, once you have the power cord jiggled around into the right position, you try not to touch it again.

I shall add the photo to this post later today, so check back later for the steampunk laptop show.

I did not opt for TouchScreen, and I am glad I did not do so.
I have enough issues stemming from my posture while doing my Laptography (Plato's and Aristotle's expression for "writing while using a laptop or tablet"... pronounced lap-TO-graph-y... the final "p" in "laptop" is elided).

I really doubt that I could put up with even more slouching forward even the few millimeters needed to interact with the screen. I think I would be better off to learn touch typing. There are a host of ergonomic issues in all this.
That's why when the concept of Google glasses was floated about 7 years ago, I thought it was sometimes a great notion.


Snapshot of old Lenovo

The glare on the large monitor is reflection.
The white on the laptop monitor is parts of a messed up screen.
Notice the C-clamp 0n the right.


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