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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

First Recipient Of The Climate Denial Penalty Tax

I first read this as a sudden realization by Mr. Trump that there is indeed Climate Change, and we had best do something about it. However, it seems probable that Mr. Trump is focusing on the word "Warming" and very logically sees an immense contradiction between that word and the reality of the polar vortex which brought my family temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit Monday night, Tuesday morning.

Thanks, Mr. Trump. That one went over my head. Thank you for pointing it out.

And actually the contradiction did become apparent to me at sometime in the past, and I would say it was the late 1980's or the early 1990's. At the time, we had been experiencing cold winters in various parts of the globe, and there was indeed a hypothesis among some meteorological scientists that the climate was growing colder.
This view was quickly usurped by the hypothesis that there was Global Warming and that much of it was induced by the actions of mankind. It was further indicated that the Climate Change could cause more extreme weather events, be they hot or cold, dry or wet.

Mr. Trump is focused on "warming" and ignores "weather variability".
An overall increase of, say, 4 degrees Centigrade (or Celsius) is an average, and that indicates not necessarily that every place in the world is uniformly and homeostatically 4 degrees warmer than before, but that when we add together the hot and the cold... and the extremely hot and the extremely cold, we will get an average that is 4 degrees higher than days of yore.
And a moment's reflection will give us an idea of how hot it must be to average out a period of -34 degrees Celsius (equivalent to -30 degrees Fahrenheit) and come up with an average of +4 degrees Celsius, indicating a spell of very hot weather for an equal period or a spell of Hadean hot weather for a briefer period.
(Or a merely hot weather period for a long, long time.)

Mr. Trump and his enterprises should be among the first to receive the Ignorance Of Climate Change tax penalty of 30%  (or more) on all expenditures funding fundamental ignorance of the task we all soon face.


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