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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1984: Oceania Meddles In Eurasia

Kiev last night... or the night before. Possibly tomorrow.

It was for the longest, longest time reported by US Media as a struggle between the European Union (EU) and Russia for influence and power in the Ukraine.
That was until the US Ambassador famously said, thinking that no one else was listening,
 "F-  the EU!"
At that point it became clear that another player was mixing the witches' cauldron, and it was us.

In terms of the novel 1984, Oceania (NATO, USA, etc.) were messing with Eurasia (Russia, ex-USSR states, etc.) as part of the experience of endless warfare devised by the ruling elites.

Us, as we all the while kvetched about Putin and Russia, we were in there and what was our objective? Human Rights?
Probably not.
If I were one of Russia's leaders, I might find President Obama personally engaging, but I would not trust anything about the foreign policy of the USA regarding anything remotely near Russia.



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