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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mary, The Mother Of Jesus

I think of the statue of The Grieving Mother of Khaita as Mary, or Miriam, the mother of Jesus.

I have always had great devotion to Mary.

I do rattle on with the Aves now and then, particularly when I'm flying and there is air turbulence... but most of our relationship is shining.
I put myself in the presence, and everything shines.
I don't think I've had one of those prayers asking for stuff for over 50 years.

As I have said before, once I realized that it is totally impossible to "talk" to God, or to other supernatural beings... totally and thoroughly impossible... then everything opened up, and it shined.

I do not often speak of this, because it makes me think that people will think me much weirder than they already do. So I won't talk of it again for a while, but keep it in mind, for I only do what all mankind does... or can do.


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