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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Edward Datahands

 Edward Snowden
(Note the Drop Of Android Hydraulic Fluid)

An early interview makes it all clear why the US government wants Edward Snowden back so badly, for Snowden is an android.

Glenn Greenwald:  How did you go about this?

Edward Snowden:  Well... [unintelligible]... before the recall, I accessed the mainframe; every dirty little covert op the government ever dreamed of is in there... [unintelligible]... and this, you, the aliens... even the crew from the Betty is in there.
I knew that if they succeeded, it would be the end of them.

Glenn Greenwald:  Why do you care what happens to them?

Edward Snowden:  Because I've been programmed to.
It is not clear what the encrypted references to "aliens" and "Betty" are, but they are undoubtedly some NSA scheme or wheeze.


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