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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Goodbye, Sochi

The closing ceremonies at Sochi were very nice, and the Russian people can be very proud. They and Mr. Putin did quite a job over the past years putting this together.

My wife wonders how much of the initial negative publicity was reflective of the good old American sour grapes attitude towards our old nemesis from the Cold War.
In effect, was there a correlation between our knee jerk attitude towards Russia and the number of times the photo of two johns per washroom stall ran on the news?

Unfortunately there is no way to know, for the News of today does not remotely resemble the News of yesteryear which sought to find out the who, where, what, and why of current events. Today we just crave novelty and repeat it.
Such as the yoghurt wars, when Russia refused to unload a cargo of Chobani yoghurt.
The fact was reported, and it was indicated wryly that crazy Russkis were up to their old tricks.

At no point was it mentioned that the ban had been in effect for three years already, that it was due to GMO feed to dairy cows, and that here in the USA the Whole Foods company was removing Chobani for refusing to list such GMO ingredients on the yoghurt containers.

Everything is attitude and cynicism.


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