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Sunday, May 04, 2014

страна для стариков 2

In My Post страна для стариков - A Country For Old Men - I wrote:
There's a lot going on, and it is all war and terror. All involved had better take a deep breath and stop to think of where this is leading.

There has been violence in Odessa, and many dead. Young European men in the Baltic States and Poland and possibly other places - having watched and learned terror against governments while watching their evening news - are applying for visas to fight in the Ukraine. They seem to sense a similar fate for their own countries in the future, and have decided to fight it now.

Terrorism is spreading geographically and culturally.
These people may not sit by and watch a resurgence of the Warsaw Pact.
Remember, Chechen rebels still endure in the mountains and we saw a terrorist act at the Boston Marathon last year done by ethnic Chechens, as well as other acts in Russia.

I do not think people will play by the old rules.


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