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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Symbols of Beliefs And Other Trash

There is a site called Morning Money, which seems to be a money-making scheme for George Gilder -
Rush Limbaugh says, "My friends, it would behoove you to study everything you can get your hands on by George Gilder, a true American genius."
Get that:  "behoove". That is class and education speaking.
I would have mumbled "you should study...", which is a poor, poor substitute.

Anyway, the site has this:

Detroit: The "Model Welfare City"

Now, we know that even George Gilder, a true genius, dare not put up a photo of people of color, or other ethnic groups, or anything at all that smacks of racism. His photo album of the Elders of Zion capering at Jones Beach remains closed.

Here's what they use:

White, overweight, wine-drinking, cigarette-smoking, wearing-clothes-too-small, and....  glasses!

If it had not been for the cigarette and the wine glass, it could have been ME!

The web site ad  appeared on Breitbart.

1 comment:

knutty knitter said...

As an unemployed reasonably educated non USA dweller, I can say that in order for the society we have to work properly (according to what I learned about economics) there has to be at least 8% unemployment so as to provide a ready job pool. It's how you treat that 8% that really matters in my view.

To say nothing of those on starvation wages....

viv in nz