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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Love Is...

 A Darwish Dancing In Meditation

Love is an ability of beings, not a need.
We do not need to love; rather we are possessed of a great and urgent ability to love.
Since love gives and reciprocates, since it is a two-way street, our ability to love leads immediately to our receiving love.

If someone needs love, then it is almost certain that that person is not giving love, either.

Love is an ability, and we exercise it.

When we speak of God having a need to love humanity, that is incorrect. The divine ability to love is great, and to exist, it requires the correct type of world: a world with humanity.
The ability to love is not a need to love; rather when the setting is right, it is an overwhelming outflow of love, and the river of love is so great and powerful, we think that it had been dammed up somewhere and needed to be let loose.
Without humanity, all creation would be drab and mournful.


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