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Saturday, May 17, 2014

MotorCity ComicCon 2014

I went to the MotorCity ComicCon at the Novi Suburban Selection Showplace (whatever that means!) yesterday.

I looked at comix, books, geegaws, toys, clothes, and some costumes. Saturday is CosDay, so there will be more today. Yesterday, about 15% were in cos.
I never realized how short skirts are in cos. Kilts remain standard length - whew! - and I saw one on a bloke who had a bumper sign that read "This is a kilt. If I were wearing something beneath, it would be a skirt!"

I was most impressed by the use of the subjunctive "were" instead of the usual "was" or even the more usual and frequent  "wuz".

I think everyone should attend a ComicCon wearing. Next year, I shall be wearing.
Wearing what, though, is the question.

She-who-must-be-obeyed suggested we do Little Lulu (by Marge). That sounded OK. Only I am not tubby enough to be Tubby. And my grey Wolverine beard would make for a strange Lulu.

So if we do Lulu, I shall be McNabbem, the truant officer. I shall probably have to have a button or card on the lapel saying "Truant Officer", since McNabbem is not a figure of general knowledge. However, that is to my advantage, too, since McNabbem is a bit rotund.
I could be Mr. Gruffly, the principal, or Mr. Tompkins, Tubby's paterfamilias.


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