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Friday, April 24, 2015

Deprescient Days

Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?
Adolf Hitler (22 August 1939)...  note that Hitler's quote was relating to his plans regarding his intention to attack Poland and kill masses of Poles and replace them with Germans as he saw the Ottomans had successfully done in the previous World War without adverse consequences or punishment.

Reconciliation does not begin without the admission of the evil done.
It can go on for years: a hundred years, more or less.

Reconciliation is tricky. That is why it so often requires the efforts of a mediator, or μεσίτης, as one who goes beyond the limitations of consciousness of the contending parties. The contending parties will denounce each other, but also will avoid saying certain things among themselves; they will avoid certain images, certain actions; they will avoid anything which may cause them to let down their armor against the reality of a possible evil.

In fact, it is like addiction-rehab events or religious-conversion-events in the sense that the "continuing story" of the disruption must go on for a long time, and the individual must "hit rock bottom", as our present day wisdom puts it.
"Rock bottom" is another way to talk about a sudden change of consciousness. We use the expression "hitting rock bottom" to parallel a fall from a great height, implying that this process takes a lengthy period of time. Hitting the bottom happens very quickly, especially when contrasted to the long time of the fall. In fact, when we talk this way, we are mythologizing and creating a compact story of a course of events.

It may be compact; it may not be compact... it may be rather random.

A Change of Consciousness happens at the speed of light; it does not require years and years of effort. It only requires this much time when the parties are bound fast to their myths.
Reconciliation could happen within seconds if we could stand it.
We cannot stand it.
Reconciliation breaks the every bonds which tie us to our interpretation of who and where we are in the world. If we go into free fall, we quickly discover that we have no safety net. The hand of God which could have safely pulled us from danger remains unmoving upon our atheistic idolatries.



Deprescient (duh-PRESH-int), adj.

Imagining the worst will happen.
“In her usual deprescient way, Irene assumed when her daughter did not call her back immediately, that she had been hit by a bus.”

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