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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter 2015

The Mounted Butterfly Decides To Fly

My last post was about Jesus as the mediator between God and mankind. Too often we think of God as the active party, wondering how to save mankind, while mankind is off on some sinning-free-for-all or stuck in the Slough of Despondency, despairing of any sign of the divine within a world given over to pain and suffering.

I think that is the wrong idea; mankind struggled to reach the light, creating religions, having visions, fasting, opiating, ... doing everything it could to glimpse the Numinous.

And God was the stubborn and obdurate father, set in His own ways, and appearing to have vanished from the life of the world through the opacity of His mystery!

And Jesus came as the "referee" between the two factions who could not quite get it right themselves.

Within the story of Jesus, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his death, earlier on he had raised Lazarus from the dead and the daughter of Jairus, and the least known event was that of the dead who were raised from their tombs during the earthquake that shook Jerusalem at the third hour after noon of the day Jesus died upon the cross.

Resurrection can not be restrained; it cannot be compelled into a cage!

Life and eternal life finds a way...

all prospect of green pastures:
not withdrawn, not hid from view;
verily will we be led,
certainly we shall be fed,
the lilies of the field be
arrayed beautiful as you.

we shall gather at the home
that grows beyond  the unused gate,
beyond the stream of waters still,
our friends at the window sill,
trying to get Christina’s eye,
who lay upon the grass, sedate.

the late summer seed are white caps
of prairie grass’s fetch and waves;
she lay prone like goldfinch child,
lost her way in windy wild;
good shepherd launch his rescue craft,
from world’s corruption he will save.


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