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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mozilla Madness

Go to Mozilla's Firefox site and try to register. I dare you.
The people who have managed to make it unanimously comment that it was very difficult to register; and if you want to ask a question or make a comment on a question, you have to sign in, and signing in requires that you have registered.

I wasted 20 minutes and gave up. There is Chrome, you know.

My problem:  four months ago I downloaded a Firefox add-on for saving files in MHT format.
My search engines were pasted with advertisements above, below and on the right side. Finally, Firefox pages were being deluged with Ads and warnings of various problems needing immediate corrective actions.

I refreshed Firefox and checked the Uninstall list of programs in Control Panel, removing obvious recent adware.


I downloaded another version of MHT format, since the refresh got rid of the old one.

Ads again.

I did this 4 times.

I got everything working fine for a month.
Then there was a Firefox update. I ignored it. I kept on ignoring every day for 2 weeks. Finally today it downloaded itself, and Firefox was updated.

Immediate Adware all over Firefox. Immediate.

On the Control Panel, the ones listed that were installed today were:

Flo Exible Shopper
Dropmark sidebar
Wow CoUppon 

and on the browser pages were "ads by dealpeak"

SO what's up, Firefox? I am not spending one more minute going in circles (you really do go in a circle trying to ask a question on Mozilla's site).


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