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Saturday, April 11, 2015

I Expect God

Yesterday someone asked me to clarify what I meant by saying, "I do not believe in God, rather I expect God."

After thinking a bit, I think it is very much a relationship of Conversation: God and I are in a conversation, and when one speaks, that speaker expects the other to listen, attempt to understand, and to respond.

As there is a Worlding process occuring, God and mankind sit in parliament with each other.

Let me refer to a recent post:

The Grey And God And..... דער שׂטן

Towards the end of the film The Grey, Liam Neeson's character yells out to God that if He exist, this time would be a fine time to manifest Himself, since Neeson's character. Ottway, is the last man alive, and is hunted by the wolves.

That is not the expectation of God, that is not a conversation with God.
Just as God cannot compel us, we cannot compel Him.

Of course, in the film the end is an endless metaphor, where Ottway becomes a Power in the World, a totem-wolf animal. The film points to the resolution of our eternal questions, and leaves us to find our way from the wolves den.

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