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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Michigan's Perfidious Proposal 1

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This is a summation of the proposal for roads in Michigan.
The legislature, being Republican,  could not possibly increase taxes, 'cuz they don't believe in 'em. So they allow the roads to fall into ruins, and then let the taxpayers raise their own taxes.

All the talk of securing this money to roads and education means nothing, because they have made such promises before and they have broken those promises before. They got a state lottery in by promising the monies would be sacrosanct for the schools, but once the politicians of both parties saw how lucrative the lottery was, they broke the covenant. 
(To be fair, they re-instated the funds to education.... after an enormous public outcry.)

The mention of tax relief is similarly a politician's promise.

As far as warranty protections, competitive bidding, and performance-based systems, they had most of that all before when I was working in construction.
I mean, am I to understand that there is no competitive bidding now ???!!!!

Meaningful warranties mean higher costs to cover the probabilities of problems and litigation in the future.
Have they given us a quantified amount of what part of the new monies the warranties will eat into?

If the legislature cannot balance the budget and provide services and make tough decisions, let them return home to whatever Michigan villages they are the crones, coots, and old scourges of, and save us the burden of paying them for nothing.

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