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Sunday, June 24, 2012

From the People That Brought You The Housing Bubble...

Which is to say, real estate developers...

Here is a story on Corporate Education from the Huffington Post:
I love it, because I used to be in business, and I know the type of minds at work.
For more than two weeks, the University of Virginia has been in an uproar over the abrupt resignation of school President Teresa Sullivan. Sullivan stepped down after just two years in office, citing "philosophical differences" with the institution's governing Board of Visitors...

Members of the board, steeped in a culture of corporate jargon and buzzy management theories, wanted the school to institute austerity measures and re-engineer its academic offerings around inexpensive, online education, the emails reveal. Led by Rector Helen Dragas, a real estate developer appointed six years ago, the board shared a guiding vision that the university could, and indeed should, be run like a Fortune 500 company.

The controversy, which threatens to seriously damage one of the country's oldest and most prestigious public universities, has implications beyond its own idyllic, academic refuge. For some, it is emblematic of how the cult of corporate expertise and private-sector savvy has corralled the upper reaches of university life, at the expense of academic freedom and "unprofitable" areas of study...
I can only point out that Capitalism was a theory and practice of managing Capital, not profit chasing.
Educational "Capital" may take on other forms than those which the mind of a real estate developer is capable of handling.
(I don't mean to disparage people in real estate, but I do disparage people who think their small understanding of one corner of reality extends to the entire universe.)

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