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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tossing Minds Around

1) If people's opinions of dynamic events is like tossing a coin with outcomes (in favor of, in disfavor of), then the coin is not fair, because we know that most people tend to have consistent beliefs; they tend to be liberal or conservative, for example.

One function of democratic intercourse is to attempt to restore the coin to fairness by extending the time allowed to formulate and ruminate on a message before deciding whether one is in favor or not. The time extension allows the message to be "uncompressed" fully and opened to outside influences, and thus become more complex.

2) "Meme" theory is based on a perceived lossless compression scheme for messages between "minds".
Otherwise, the "meme" mutates step by step and cannot be assured of "going viral".
A virus doesn't compress its message.

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