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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Group Mind: The News Media

The aim of the News business originally was to present information while avoiding mixing in emotions, thereby avoiding the effect of propaganda. The audience has their own emotions. The audience adds their emotion to the news information, thereby creating a set of modified listeners: when these listeners go out and finds similarly minded people, they may then cement their emotional and informational bonds in a group of like-minded people.

At present with the News itself adding its own emotion (and political slant) to the news, the News itself seeks to create the group mind and the convention where the crowds may congregate.

Why is this a problem?

There is no chance of anything good coming from the Group Mind now, since there is no Ethics of the Group Mind...
There are no Ethics of the Group Mind, because the Group Mind of the present day is unaware of itself!
Being unaware, the Group Mind reasons that its actions are "common sense", or the "progress of history", or some "inevitable march of mankind".

Being unaware, the Group Mind has innumerable times sanctioned the most atrocious crimes in its name and called them "holy"...
They are "holy" because the group inherently senses that any such acts of the group mind are in a very real sense "beyond" the normal and the usual. However, that is where we stop: at this feeling of "beyondness".

In this "Beyondness" lurks the notion of a "higher power".

God and The Holy are not a "higher power".
There is no hierarchy of higher and lower with God.
God created the Powers and Dominations, not vice-versa.

To understand "beyondness", we have to deal with the infirmities of our own souls.
Afterwards, we will dwell with God.

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