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Thursday, June 14, 2012

An H.G. Wells' Alibi

I was late putting up a poem in the poem blog, 'cuz I wuz at my parents, but I said that "I was in the 1940's", which made it sound as if I were a Time Traveler, such as H.G. Wells wrote about.
I wrote such because my parents have no computer nor internet access; I will not spend more money on a Sprint or Verizon card, and even if I did, I would likely be picked up by Rogers in Canada and incur enormous roaming charges...
which also applies to the cell phone usage...
and they have a very cheap long-distance plan, so a long-distance call would cost a bit; it is so basic a service that they have to wait for Agnes (the operator) to call back when she has made the connection.

Hmmmm... H.G. Wells; I wuz born a few hours later on the very day Mr. Wells passed on.

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