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Friday, June 29, 2012

Un-Friending Right Wing COPD Types

Our choices have narrowed down to a purge; only a total purge will do, a cathartic, if you will - a great flushing out of the system.

We have to un-friend numerous people we know on Facebook.

It all started the other day when I heard She-who-must-be-obeyed sort of harrumph.
"What nonsense!" she expostulated.
"And so much of it, one right after the other!"
I looked up from reading Richard Rhodes' history of the development of the atomic bomb.
"Hmm?" I soothed, amiably, sort of an invite to share... but leave the big guns spiked: do not unload on my awareness with the entire imbroglio which discomforts you, my dear; merely share a hint of the troublesome and annoying which has come to you via the internet.

"Well, you know so-and-so..." she said, names being left out to protect the idiots.
"Yes, I recall." I said.

There was a short list of friends, amiable all, with whom we had spent time playing cards, Truth or Dare, and Dr. Ruth. (I remember that I always managed to seriously annoy some of them or their "spouses" when I played cards... I have a very idiosyncratic manner of card playing.)

There were an educated group, too.

So why must they continuously post things they know are going to scrawl across their Friends homepages that some Friends may find offensive? Why political pornography in the worst instance and why political tirades in the best case?
I mean, one's Democratic party friends might egregiously glom all over your sensibilities at lunch or at the bar at times, but they don't subject one to this constant wheeze of  COPD (Chronic Obstructive Political Disease) all the time, do they?
I mean, does everyone think they're running for office? And is such an onslaught effective for persuading the undecided? If I were undecided, I would find this cacophony repulsive; I would feel as if I were being felt up by gourmet zombies in the Hive under Raccoon City in Resident Evil.
For Pete's Sake! Find a cabal somewhere in some racially restrictive gated ghetto and have your crappy little tea parties of fear and loathing! Do not put it on Facebook where your inane vitriol spills over into your "Friends" space... and this is using "friend" very loosely; it is more like "those who overlook your nastier failings".

The last straw was a old Eucher-playing, erstwhile BFF, who started writing things about supporting Israel - particularly Christian support for Israel - based on Nostradamian and Fortean readings of scraps and snippets of holy writ.

I guess we have to put up with your thinly-veiled racist jokes and your tedious ill-formed opinions, but we draw the line at your obscure idolatry of religion and politics.
A purge it is. No Stalinist-era show trials, just a friendly un-friending...
We considered whether to send an explanation, such as "Dear friends, we remember your smiling faces, but do not wish your opinions to be in our faces all the time". Maybe we shall; do not know...

... but we do know that if we don't do it now, 28 Days Later will be too late................

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