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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Song About Romney The Moocher

... a Bain Capital hootchie-cootcher.

I consider the fact that capital gains on certain investment are taxed at 15% (due to a change in tax laws in the recent past) instead of the normal average rate of 35% to be a substantial government bestowed benefit.

It make Romney a much bigger moocher than me, who had no fed tax liability last year....

You know, one of the reasons there may be no federal income tax liability is the fact that no meaningful interest rates are available for the savings of the average run of the population.
No interest income: no tax due on it!


Tom Schott said...

People like Mittens and all the other fat cats benefit from federal welfare beyond the telling. Which makes their hypocrisy in damning the poor slobs who were not born into their advantages all the more infuriating.

Montag said...

I really think I would rather be a hypocrite than someone who cannot see what's actually going on.

I'd rather be a crooked sharpie than a clown.

I think Mitt...
Nah, I don't think anything.