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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I finally... almost... listened to an entire TED video; I am usually way too fidgety to do so: let me have information at the speed of light! let me scan and read! The whole idea of putting the grey Thunderbird convertible of the brain into 1st or 2nd merely so we may listen to some Steve Jobs-Toffs  (i.e., Steve Jobs "wannabees"... I am tired of "wannabee"... it gets mixed up in my head with the name "Watanabe" and I begin to dream about Kurosawa films. I just now made up this "app" of "toff") is a feeling I usually do not like.

However, I've changed. I can listen to toffs talk about the future for quite a while now; I usually discover that at the end of the passage of time of the auditory process I myself have somehow "magically" entered into that mystic region I call "The Future"!

The vids I listened to skated on the thin ice of unsubstantiated "verities". There was one that applied Moore's Law - more like an evolutionary rule of thumb - to the field of androids and their abilities, which struck me as perfectly bizarre from a strictly philosophical-logical point of view, but the thin ice did not crack, and the fellow skated right over it, dragging the entire 54,000 or so video watchers along with him.

I want to see some TED talks in Plains Cree, both for language learning and a Cree take on the present. I am so severely repulsed by cable TV and inundated by a damp, dull, smothering Media uniformity, that I am desperate for... an algorithm to escape!

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