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Monday, September 17, 2012

Steve Jobs

I have not read very much that is as amazing and incredible as the life of Steve Jobs in his biography by Walter Isaacson. I was and am totally blown away by it.

I mentioned it to a few people; they said that it would surely be a good read about a capitalist visionary, and blah, blah, and so on.

However, Steve Jobs himself was so very different from most of us...
He thought it was an important part of his life to have searched for spiritual enlightenment, and also to have used LSD.

Very different from the rest of us. Very different.
If there is anything at all to learn from the story of Steve Jobs - and I think there is quite a bit - I am sure that it will go right over most of our heads.

I shall have to read the book at least twice, and then take a long time to ponder it.


Tom Schott said...

LSD was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I understand where Jobs was coming from on that.

Montag said...


All I can say is that, considering LSD and the cancer research on Cannabis, soon after we have - ahem! - left the stage, it will be discovered why the ancients used to crown their icons of the gods with poppies!

And we shall have spent our entire lives watching the government try to ferret out and scourge like witchcraft!

But we have always rewarded people and things which harm us much greater than those which benefit us.

Tom Schott said...

The stage we will leave, however, will be more concerned with meeting the basic needs of people. Such things as philosophy and search for spiritual enlightenment will be matter for the history books, which not many people will either write or read.

Government will be the fully developed police state it is evolving to now.

Sorry to be so cheerful.

Montag said...

It is time to withdraw from it.

It has been done many times in history.