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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Division Street

Talk about partisan spirit and an inability to work together....

Mr. Romney - and by implication, the Republican Party - have written off 47% of the population. Mr. Romney says that that large number of individuals are not his concern, neither now nor if he were to be president.
The 47% are the percentage of the population that do not have an income tax liability... a group which some people think Mr. Romney himself is in. Apparently he makes a distinction bwteen "No Income Tax Liability, But Rich As Heck" and "No Income Tax Liability And Poor As A Churchmouse".

This is no small thing. This is no Country Club - 19th Hole - Let's Talk Poor Folks Over Cocktails - type of thing; this is the real deal.

This is the beginning of the end.

Few people see it that way.
I am forbidden from such ways of thinking by my religion, just as I am forbidden from establishing my own moral system (a la Ayn Rand) because I may a bit more intelligent, or a bit wealthier, or more powerful than the folks next door.

I am forbidden, because I have learned that an Ethics of  Power based on Denial and Exclusion leads to darkness and tragedy.

I certainly do not like everyone..., but I am forbidden to write them off as meaningless.

I am never sure where the Big Banks, who certainly are moochers and had to be bailed out by tax payers and government, fall in all this.
I did not pay any Federal income tax last year. Maybe I should just forget my enormous LOOPHOLE - the standard deduction - and just pony up the bucks for 2013.



Unknown said...

Cease your wonderment at the big banks. They are rats that mean you and me harm. Always. I have no problem knowing exactly where they are.

Montag said...

They fit the paradigm of modern business.