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Thursday, September 13, 2012

No Longer Will I Say Nice Things About Romney

I am trying to understand the situation, the events, and the time line of those events in the Middle East which are directly linked to a film offensive to Muslim, and also offensive to many people of other religions.

I do not understand why in the midst of a volatile situation fraught with violence, during which at least 4 US Embassy officials have been killed, any sane person would immediately attack the leader of the country.

I had no love for President George W. Bush, but we stood behind the President on 9/11 and for a long time thereafter.
It never occurred to anyone to heap insults upon the President during the crisis itself !!

Yet now here is this fellow Romney doing just that.
He does well in his ivory tower of Corporate Capitalism, surrounded by hordes of suits. But dealing with fast breaking events seems to be beyond his ability.

Mitt Romney was a brilliant Suit and would be an idiot President.



Ruth said...


It was despicable to say ANYTHING immediately. Is this what he would do in any crisis? SPEAK first, apologize later (or regroup, or whatever)? He is not even politically smart in a campaign (everyone of course knows it was political!), how can he be smart as president?

I don't like our empire mentality AT ALL. Hate it. But at least give me a president who understands nuance and at least pauses to reflect before jumping into a crisis mouth first.

Montag said...

This morning I heard Senator John McCain pedaling forward and backward and sideways all over it.
He said some ridiculous thing like "the statement about that statement was a statement that..." and at that point I gave up, wondering why anyone would go on national TV and show their own lack of understanding of what was going on is beyond me.

Tom Schott said...

Romney was not a brilliant suit. He was just a ruthless one. Have your read Matt Taibbi on this guy?

Montag said...

In American Capitalism,
Ruthless = Genius.

Tom Schott said...

Absolutely true. How silly of me.

Montag said...

Shall we pay for the ruthlessness of this country?

Some of us already have given their lives because the Congress and Lobbyists and Influence Peddlers have bought and sold the world.