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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bad News fer Mitt

My Parents - devotees of FOX News - seem to have given up on Romney!
I mentioned something to my mother yesterday, and she just said that it did not matter any more. Now she is very bright and when it comes to politics, she prefers to engage and annoy rather than be calm.

I think they have given up on Romney. My father no longer brings up Joe Biden in the conversation anymore.


Well, I hope the Romney malaise continues through election day. Maybe it is the curse of the demonic Ayn Rand coming home to roost. Brrrr!


Ruth said...

That might be like my father-in-law giving up on Romney. I haven't asked him.

This morning was the first I felt that Obama is likely to win, and that it would take something really amazing for him not to. But I suppose anything can happen.

Montag said...

I would be aghast if Romney won.

We would be a nation of guinea pigs subjected to the social theories of the cranky and maladept.

Tom Schott said...

Well, this is pretty amazing. I cannot imagine my father, if he were alive, or my mother ever doing such a thing. Down where I come from people won't give up on Romney. No they will go down with all their stupid guns blazing.

Montag said...

Well, they will vote for the nubbin; they just stopped arguing enthusiastically for the "ticket".

Tom Schott said...

It's really amazing to witness what the GOP has done to itself. Here we have a president in the midst of a HUGE economic mess that will probably be reelected because the Republican party could not find anyone in its ranks to contend with the guy. And yet, even with this certified clown as their candidate, if the polls are right, the election will be close! We live in baffling times, my friend.

Montag said...

For my entire life the GOP has done this time and again. The GOP is a party of the interests of small, well-defined groups who have no philosophy beyond their own immediate interests.