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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Every Child Left Behind

Indian Country:

Every Child Left Behind: Sequester Guts Indian Education, Part 2
Tanya Lee
May 31, 2013

The cuts to K-12 education funding because of the federal sequester will impact students and teachers across the country, but many say they will hurt American Indian elementary and secondary school students the most.
Tribal schools are funded through a number of mechanisms, among them the federal government (through per-student payments, grants and Title I, II and VII programs), tribes and sometimes states. A major source of funding comes from the Bureau of Indian Affair’s Bureau of Indian Education, which allocates ISEP (Indian School Equalization Program) funds on a per-capita basis.

A Government that indulges entirely in politics and thus finds itself incapable of creatively governing will end up destroying its peoples.


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