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Friday, June 07, 2013

Perfect Timing

 Hanaan's Diner: Two Members Of The TYBALTs

Just before the news broke of The Guardian's exposure of the NSA telephone call grab, I was at Hanaan's Diner, spouting off about Syria and how ridiculous the US policy was, and - by the way - thank heavens Russia was serious about not allowing a terrorist theme park to be built right next door to the Chechen Republic.

I was being taken to task for my outspoken support of Russia, whom many in my circle, the TYBALTs - The Young Buck At Lunch Together, the opposition to our mortal enemies, the ROMEOs - Retired Old Men Eating Out - still see as some sort of commie threat.
Jakubowski said that Putin was restoring the police state, and yadda-yadda-yadda. Thank goodness he did not mention "Pussy Riot".

Then Levine looked up from his Tablet, smiled, and shoved the Tab over, and we saw Glenn Greenwald's exposure of the Verizon-NSA hookup.

"Where's the police state now?" I said.

Jakubowski said "I'll be damned!", and plucked his iPhone from his pocket, and threw it across the room.


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