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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Middle East Nuclear Spiral?

There is a possibility of losing control of matters, particularly in the Middle East. To lose control of nuclear technology is like being a member of the serving staff standing outside the oaken dining room door of Destruction Abbey, waiting to carry in the salmon in aspic just as the Duke of Hell is twiddling with the detonator.

Good article:
Al Ahram Online

Hans Blix is there.
I consider him to be a stormy petrel of the first order, since he reminds me of Mr. Bush's Iraq adventure; he reminds me frighteningly of our ability to deceive ourselves in a large-scale disaster:
Addressing an audience of 800 international nuclear technology experts, Blix also touched on the question of the alleged possession of nuclear weapons by the regime of Saddam Hussein, used to justify the US war on Iraq.
Iraq did not even have a nuclear programme to begin with, he said. The IAEA inspection teams that went to Iraq did not produce a trace of evidence of the existence of nuclear weaponry or material.

... In interview with CNN, after a nine-year silence, he said that Washington was bent on invading Iraq, regardless of the existence or non-existence of nuclear weapons. After 11 September, the Bush regime was determined to steer the affairs of the Arab world, beginning by creating a model for democratic transformation in Iraq. The plan backfired drastically...
I know you'll wonder why I keep harping on old news... Karma, kid. It's Karma.
We are all ancient mariners with our albatross necklaces of guilt...


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