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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Fatal Cup Of Coffee
Syrian rebels 'execute teenager' in Aleppo
Fighters reportedly shot dead a boy they accused of committing blasphemy in the northern city of Aleppo.
Last Modified: 09 Jun 2013 18:45
Rebels fighting the Syrian regime have shot dead a 15-year-old boy in front of his parents and siblings after accusing him of blasphemy, an activist group said.

Al Jazeera was told that the boy, a street vendor selling coffee, was from the Shaar neighbourhood of the northern city of Aleppo. He has been named locally as Mohammad Kattaa.

Reports indicated that he was arguing with another boy on Saturday and used the name of Prophet Muhammad in a common phrase used by Syrians at which point he was picked up by fighters, beaten, and then shot.

"An unidentified Islamist rebel group shot dead a 15-year-old child who worked as a coffee seller in Aleppo, after they accused him of blasphemy," said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdel Rahman.

I can hardly wait for the Administration to arm "select" Syrian rebels, who will make a solemn promise not to let crazed, foreign mercenaries use their arms. Crazed, foreign mercenaries will undoubtedly respect their promise, too, so everyone will be safe.



The blasphemy was "Even if the Prophet Muhammad (saws) were to come, I would not sell him coffee on credit."
Essentially, no cash, no credit, no coffee, and expressed in an obviously very old emphatic and humorous form.


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