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Sunday, June 09, 2013

San Souci Doings

This was last year, 2012.
It was the first - and, I guess, the last - First Nations Festival to be held in San Souci, Harsens Island, Michigan.
There is no such First Nations Festival scheduled for this year. There is a Tashmoo Days on July 20, 2013.

It has not been well publicized, however, and I had to find reference to it in the Spoke 'N Word publication of the Downriver Cycling Club, Trenton, Michigan  (

According to the invite forwarded to the Downriver Cycling Club, Tashmoo Days on Harsens Island will feature:

o Live Music...all afternoon,
o First Nations singers, drummers, dancers and their Arts and Crafts.
o There will also be ‘lectures’, on the Tashmoo Park and Steamer,
o First Nation/Native American Museum Exhibit,
o Games for the Kids,
o Other Arts & Craft vendors,
o Trap Shooting and Gaming at the Lions Hall,
o A Square Dance in the street,
o Food, Beer Tent, Wine Tasting

So the First Nations are a subset of activities in the Tashmoo Days. This is the time when I am supposed to say that, having lived around here all my life, the lack of beer and wine last year at the First Nations Festival 2012 probably restricted the size of the crowds.

There is a Powwow at Bkejwanong,  or Walpole Island Reserve, which is unceded territory occupied by the Walpole Island First Nation and is directly across the St. Clair River from Harsens Island:

However,  the Walpole Island Powwow - a long tradition, by the way - has already taken place in May.

See Ya In San Souci ! Or in Bkejwanong!

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