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Monday, June 03, 2013

Turkish Life

To get an idea of conservative ways in Turkey, read some Turkish news, such as the following which is crazy enough to have occurred in Saudi Arabia:

Hurriyet Daily News
Why kissing is bad (but rape can be just fine)
Last week, when about 200 Turks held a mass kissing protest at an Ankara subway station in response to a public announcement at the same station that had requested passengers “to behave morally,” conservative religious groups attacked them with machetes, shouted religious slogans and injured some of the protestors. The metro incident in Ankara is merely a more violent repetition of the “sex bus affair” in Istanbul. Apparently, with the newfound state/police power they arrogantly rely on, the conservative Turks will never learn to mind their own business...
It gets much worse than this. It makes one feel the terrible ambivalence about such matters.


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