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Friday, June 07, 2013

Where Do They Come From?

People who work in medical offices?

My wife not only has a case of poison sumac on the arms, but was making ice tea Tuesday, pouring the hot water into the usual Pyrex glass pitcher, and the bottom blew out of the pitcher, and she received a burn on the leg.

(Note:  this whole business of Pyrex needs everyone's attention, because Pyrex of the future - meaning now! 2013 - is not the same as the Pyrex of the past. Today's space age Pyrex is inferior. The cause? The usual suspects, mostly Modern Mega-Capitalism, which buys companies, and maintains or gooses profits by lowering the quality... check it out by reading about Pyrex on Google.)

Anyhow, she called her doctor and the office people said they were booked up and could not see her that day... nor in the near future.

She went to a New Baltimore (I purposefully include the location name) urgent care, waited 30 minutes for the girl in charge to end her chit-chat with friends before signing her in, waited 4 hours surrounded by New Baltimore types - one of which was a man in a wheel chair who got out of his wheel chair, pushed the chair around, bumping into things, cackling "I'm as blind 'z a bat!"
Apparently dementia is considered an emergency room situation in New Baltimore.

Everything we read about second-degree burns mentions that for people over 60, it should be under the treatment of a doctor, who can keep a weather eye on the situation, so she is going to call her doctor again.

"Everything we read...."!

What do the people in the doctors' office read? People Magazine, apparently. You would think that the medical establishment for which they work might have a rudimentary Power Point presentation for the staff, giving them some elementaries on Hippocratoc oaths and how to help people.

If you have a medical problem, demand that the office staff ask the doctor about whether you should be seen immediately or not. The doctor has to make the decision. If the medical professional declines timely help, then change your doctor, and do it now!


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