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Saturday, November 01, 2014

5 Minutes To Midnight...

...according to the clock of the Orwell Society, which measures our approach to 1984-hood.

War spreads like a fire in zero-gravity, yet surely we must all realize that ISIS and their ilk are funded, supplied, and taught by Saudi Arabia, the USA, and their assortment of allies.

If we end ISIS in Syria, we end the war there, and when wars elsewhere end, we tend to look at the alienation of lands in the West Bank, or we look at the ideological crimes of the royal house of Sa'ud.

Once again, we created Al Qa'ida because it suited our purposes. So did we create ISIS... it suits our purposes, which is a State of Constant War.
This State of Constant War is to exist between Oceania (NATO), Eurasia (Russia and its allies), and East Asia (China and the Shanghai Cooperative). Plans have been drawn up, operations have started, and all that remains is the eventual globalization of Banal Despair.


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