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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Krusty ?!!

I have stopped reading most news, other than that of the sciences. I still peek at the BBC and Bloomberg... and the AhlulBayt News Agency ( which provides me with what's going on in the world of Shi'a Islam (mostly they are being shot by Sunnis and ISIS... and persecuted by our allies the Saudi royal family. ) I support the underdog.
Exempli gratia today:
6 Shias shot martyred in Pakistan
November 13, 2014 _ 10:01 AM

PAKISTAN - Six Shia Muslims have been shot martyred by pro-ISIS Takfiri terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba in Quetta, Charsadha and Shikarpur.

Nifty, eh? They usually have uncensored pix, too.

I read about China still, and Japan. Also India. Ditto Europe. Have to keep up on what's going on in Space.
And Russia and the Ukraine, although the news can be distressing, but I like the Slavic peoples, so one has to take a few whacks with one's morning cup of coffee.

I told a friend to tell his wife that Il Barbieri di Seviglia was going to be live broadcast from the MET on November 22.
I said I would have told her myself, but that would force me to use the telephone, and I hate telephones... except for the GPS on iPhones and such. But this whole business of being disturbed by some clamorous and repetitive ring or song or sound effect into a ridiculous charade of trading syllables back and forth like some horrible and unhygienic promiscuous miscegenation of the vocal cords... well, that will not happen!

Remember that my mother had sold her house. I actually had to talk to a realtor frequently on the phone. Both myself and the buyers agreed that the realtors were a few apples short of the proverbial bushel.
What amazes me is that such people seem to be able to play golf - a fairly complex endeavor - with skill and ease! They can barely tell you who is responsible for the Water escrow account, but they can drive and putt with the best!

Of course, we did not have the top flight realtors, like Tammi Iafrate - the Tamminator !!! - as she is locally known. She is more like a super-heroine than a realtor anyway.

Getting back to my story about telephones, the friend to whom I gave this message about The Barber of Seville said that I was getting to be like Krusty the Clown.

I think he must have meant Monty Burns. Herschel Krustowsky is a mensch who does not waste his time kvetching about telephones.


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