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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Acceptable Statistics Of The Heart Rending Kind

After a great deal of study and soul-searching (!?), it has been determined that the following story is an Acceptable Statistic - and thus receives a big "thumbs up!" - of a Modern Weaponized Society:

Boy With Toy Gun Shot By Cleveland Police Dies At Hospital

Mark Hanrahan, International Business Times
UPDATE 11:14 a.m.: The 12-year-old Cleveland boy shot by police has died, a representative from the Cleveland police union confirmed to the Cleveland Plain Dealer....
 A police officer in Cleveland shot a 12-year-old boy who pulled a realistic-looking toy gun from his waistband Saturday. The boy, who was shot in the stomach, was in “serious condition” and undergoing surgery...
The officers responding to the report saw a group of people sitting outside the rec center and a black gun on a table in front of them. The boy picked up the gun and put it in his waistband. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer description of the incident, one officer told the boy who had picked up the gun to raise his hands, after which the boy grabbed the gun from his waistband. An officer then fired two shots, one of which hit the boy in the stomach.

WOIO-TV, Cleveland, reported the weapon was subsequently determined to be an “airsoft”-type replica, and an orange safety indicator clip that normally would be around the muzzle had been removed.

Another thing we did not hear about in the last election. Heck, things are tough everywhere.


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